April 4, 2012 § 16 Comments

It’s been some time since i posted a black and white photo.

Anyway, all these days i m thinking to get my hands into film photography and especially into medium format. This is a total new area to me as i started with digital and continued that way. I have ordered my first 120 film rolls and i will atempt my first camera obscura.

I also found in some old stuff a pack of really old and destroyed agfa film and i m trying to make new textures out of it.

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§ 16 Responses to Structure

  • Whitney says:

    Medium format photography is an exquisite life force in an of itself. It excites me that you’re interested in working with it! My first foray was over a year ago, when I lovingly cradled a toy Holga covered in black masking tape around school, taking double and triple exposures. Blending my love for both dark room & digital techniques, I processed the film, scanned it into Photoshop and created a text overlay. I made a series of four as 5’x5′ prints, and in doing that project discovered my deep affinity for medium format photographers such as Francesca Woodman and Sally Mann. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • arkturosx says:

      I start with a lubitel 2. I just finished my first film roll and i gave it for develop in a lab, mostly experiment photos. Going from digital to analog is like an impact, you can not see the results on the scene, makes you wonder if you must spend more exposures in one subject and this limit really binds you and makes you try harder. It is a new expirience. I do not know when i ll try to develop a film for my myself but is something that i wanna try for sure.
      The only thing i have to do for now is just wait and this is not something i have get used to.

  • Adrian Lewis says:

    I like those pictures, arkturosx, especially the lower one with the light on the road! Adrian

  • mycheezcake says:

    The atmosphere is creapy great!I like the way you captured these,especially the second one,that the road seems to be there but then disappears by the shadows of the bridge.

  • drawandshoot says:

    The atmosphere is remarkable in these. I find them extremely beautiful with a touch of heartbreak.

  • lowfiles says:

    impressive! you’ve got a big talent, man.

  • Millie Ho says:

    Nice work! This is as beautiful as only a black-and-white photograph can be.

  • Good luck using film. I like it a lot, but digital has made me lazy. Medium format cameras are wonderful. Look forward to seeing your pictures.

    • arkturosx says:

      I am fascinated about 6X6 format. True it needs a lot of effort compared to digital but i believe it will worth it. Thank you i ll need it for the beggining.

  • That’s fantastic to hear! And if these shots are anything to go by, then it’s going to be a great success. It really is very exciting delving into a new medium, isn’t it? I’m also a great fan of film photography, and if I had a choice in the matter I would only ever shoot on film. Good luck, man!

    • arkturosx says:

      Yes it is. We will see from the result. Imagine that i lack basic knowledge on the subject, today that i ll get the film it will actually be the first time i ll own one.

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