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Spirit lights

April 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

Old trees, shadows and sparkles, images more from the mind, than from the true world.

I can almost smell the damp earth.


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I heard something good … “never be afraid to make a mistake”

Stand alone

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I made an account at redbubble after deleting my deviantart.

I find redbubble better, simpler and more mature than deviantart. Also the images and art that users upload is more… let me say sellective, people just do not upload everything.

Here is my profile at redbubble  Buy my art

The sea

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I think i miss the sea.

After spending some time at the mountain now i wanna visit the sea.

Tomorrow i will go.

I hope for some really bad weather. Wind, Big waves and cloudy sky. Also a friend mentioned an old train tunnel that is abandoned and leads to a great view (to the sea). But this is for another day.

Here is something to read until tomorrow.

Trick me


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